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Smoke from what seems a number of small Eucalyptus bushfires rise behind a hill crested with Australia's iconic tree.

Fire in the Meehan Range, north-east of Hobart. 6th March, 2013.

The national broadcaster admits they can’t be trusted, ‘The Mockery’ also tell us how they can’t be trusted, as do both propaganda arms of the ‘”Northern” Rebel “‘Alliance’ (scum)”‘.

The Government have gone on vacation and neither the Department of Premier And Cabinet or the Governor are talking.

With all the courts untrustworthy and no alerts on why Parliament has vanished, at least someone’s noticed a problem with the law.

Just by the side. The idea of an ‘ssl_error_rx_record_too_long Express’ is plain weird and why they’d drive it in to Tasmanian Times anyway glad Tas Police got called to the scene.

Tas Firesigh after how many years, you still the only one for me ‘coz you so… dirty! x

Monarchists note the Crown continues to work and Republicans hope.


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To the Editor, Mercury Newspaper, Hobart, Australia.

Whilst I feel for the CEO of Metro Tasmania (Letters, Saturday Jan 7th) about the wishing to protect the Metro service from those inclined to double dip discounts on their Greencard and thus no reasonable notification was provided before the Greencard changes, I cannot for the life of me understand why they didn’t get my email address from their database and mail me on the morning they reprogrammed their system.
Then again, this is a monopoly government subsidised travel company whose website is near in-navigable at the top-level, doesn’t offer reasonable transfer information for interstate visitors (or basic point and click routing of any sort for that matter), appears to fail the most basic Web Accessibility standards and doesn’t let their timetable information to be used in educational institutions to teach programming – and thus maybe overcome their own failings on website and mobile services. For the record, over the past year I made approaches to the Minister responsible for Metro and Education in person, via Twitter and Facebook suggesting a reasonably simple solution to these multiple issues (pro-tip: use the Creative Commons licenses for the data). The silence has been deafening. I can only presume senior management within Metro wish to be picked on.
With this in mind, I’m happier to pay less for this ‘service’ and give good bus drivers the occasional tip for a professional and courteous approach to their job.



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@JoeHockey: I don’t recall KR promising to increase tobacco prices at the last election.This is not about health its about tax!
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey I don’t recall GST, Workchoices. I do recall ‘Never ever’ and it was ‘non-core’ 😉
@JoeHockey: @iBleeter we had the courage to take our policies to the polls.On GST we won and workchoices we lost. Your mates have no courage.
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey *my mates*? I didn’t realise you shared a similarity with Obama. Does Tony know you inhale?
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey FWIW, my mates federally more Liberal than you. State-side? The Libs=0 courage, so in Oppn. Prejudiced talk does Libs no favour.

Given how the Tas Libs campaign transpired, it’s a little ironic to see Mr Hockey talking about Liberal courage. Still, as the Elwick vote is ongoing on as I type this, what I’d like to know is where is Mr Hockey’s S191 authorisation? Given the Electoral Commissioner’s been quite clear (also on a Saturday telephone talkback he did on ABC Local Radio second last week of #tas2010 state poll, where he clearly stated he expected those interstate to adhere to Tasmanian law), I find Mr Hockey’s behaviour… unusual. There’s that old saying about not putting down to malice what can be attributed to stupidity. So my conclusion is that Mr Hockey is in fact either stupid or daring the Commissioner.

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Dear Sir,

I’m curious about the number of violations of Electoral Act Section 191 that may have taken place in the past few weeks. From my own brief observation, that is to say less than 30 seconds, it would seem clear that major Hobart online news outlets and at least one major party candidate have been in breach of the law for the entire campaign for the Tasmanian upper house seat of Elwick. As S191 received a reasonable amount of attention during the State campaign, it would be hard for a major party to argue one isn’t aware of its existence. I further find it hard to imagine that this law is any less relevant during a mere singular upper house election.

If there were as many unauthorised newsprint, roadside and pamphlets carrying unauthorised commentary as there are online unauthorised commentary, I have no doubt there would be demands that intentions should be clarified for when the law would be enforced. One can only have confidence in law enforcement if the law is enforced fair and evenly. It is disturbing trend seeing the Electoral Commission treating the online community as second class citizens with poorly worded, illogical information and little or no feedback.


Peter Lawler.

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