Free weekend access to an online game, free download.

Sounds great, sign me up. Oh silly me, I’m already signed up.

Wait, why does it sound like mud on my headphones?



Check other audio sources.

Hum along for a couple of minutes. Discover Big in Japan would seem to have no relation to Big in Japan.



Phone a friend time?*


Oh hey, that video’s available in 1080p HD as well? Woot!

*The friend wasn’t home.

Sometimes we feel the need to write stuff down because it’s obscure yet important. In this case, I’m putting this technical info online for others who may search for the key terms here, saving a little headache along the way. For anyone running Windows 7 and wanting to use the wireless headphones you use with your phone/portable music player, this article’s for you.

I managed to score a pair of BH-905‘s when Harvey Norman did an ‘internet special’ for the launch of Nokia’s n900 mobile computer in Australia. Unfortunately, this brought up my old bugbear – Microsoft removed some Bluetooth support from Windows 7 before release – and not just ‘some’, what I’d class as highly useful. Bluetooth headphones. This understandably got me cranky as Linux works with both my ROKR305‘s and the Nokia 905’s (what is it with decent BT headphones and “’05” model numbers?) out of the box. In Microsoft’s wisdom, they decided to let vendors supply A2DP software from here on in. Whilst I could’ve more or less happily survived in Linux, some of my Steam games won’t (this may change in the future, but I digress)

After screwing around with a couple of cheap adapters, I reached the conclusion that these adapters are cheap because BlueSoliel is bundled, but charged for if you want to use more than a sparrow’s fart of data. And junk. I say junk as I only want one feature that’s missing, and I’ll be screwed if I’m going to pay a bunch of cash for it. To get away with using these cheap adapters without BlueSoliel, I also had to elbow some support files out of some earlier windows package for mobiles that’s since been desupported. Now, I like free operating systems as much as the next person. But if I pay for something, I’d like it to work. It’s not as if the Vista/7 driver model’s brand spanking new. Can you guess that the entire situation was raging me?

Imagine my joy, then, when I spotted on the shelf at the local PC store the ASUS BT21 adapter. Asus are a well-known brand. It stated Windows Vista support with A2DP. I trembled, yes even a little weak at the knees. Bought it, took it home, plugged it in. Deader than a dodo. So the Vista drivers hadn’t made it to Microsoft’s online driver DB. I then installed the Vista drivers.

The ROKR worked without a hitch. The 905, though. Minor issue about two ‘Bluetooth peripheral device’ entries. The 905 wouldn’t connect and I suspected these ‘Driver not found’ entries in Device Manager as the cause. A brief googling turned up an article describing how to change the Widcomm .inf file so it would work. This was a bit of fun as the file was ‘in use’ and ‘protected’ by the BT subsystem. However after stopping BT, firing up Notepad++ as Admin (to be sure, to be sure ;), copy/pasting the hardware ID’s of the non-working devices in to the btwavdt.inf file’s BTWAUDIO section, paying attention to increment the DeviceDesc. Saved this file and started the BT system up again.

Magic. All I had to do was pair the device as usual, then rightclick on the device in the ‘device view’ and select ‘Headphones’ as a service. Then switch the sound output to use the cans. Yay! No more strangling myself with headphone cables when I do a 360 in my swivel chair. I might note that the drivers that came with the Asus adapter came with a bunch of other features and stuff that seem very useful, too. If you’re in the market, would happily recommend it.

P.S. I’m glad I’m not using a phone that doesn’t support previous/next track select via AVRCP. Would drive me mental! 😉

In an attempt to create a singularity with as little effort as possible, I cheated and used Nokia’s AppWizard. The results show for themselves.

Choose no life. Choose no career. Choose no family. Choose a fucking small computer, choose disk arrays the size of fingernails, WIFI keys, 3G MicroSIMs and electrical coffee makers. Choose no sleep, high caffeine and mental insurance. Choose no friends. Choose black jeans and matching combat boots. Choose chairs for your office in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose LAMP and wondering why the fuck you are logged in on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting in that swivel chair looking at mind-numbing, spirit-crushing websites, stuffing fucking junk food in your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in some miserable social network, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up lusers Jobs spawned to replace the computer-literate.

Choose your future. Choose to #smeg

(based on a Jonathan H N Chin <jc254@newton.cam.ac.uk> interpretation of an original usenet post by Gary Barnes <gkb@bofh.org.uk>)

Dear Andy,

This morning on @936Hobart you asserted to Mr Cox that one would have to follow Mr Anderson to see his Logie tweets. This is clearly false as Mr Anderson tagged his posts ‘#logies‘. Remember Nick Sowden? He didn’t get wide notice about his Obama remarks until he tagged them #730obama. If you’re going to comment on technology, please at least get the basics right.



P.S. For the record, I don’t care what Anderson says, as long as he stops using ‘deets’ as an abbreviation for ‘details’ 😉

@JoeHockey: I don’t recall KR promising to increase tobacco prices at the last election.This is not about health its about tax!
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey I don’t recall GST, Workchoices. I do recall ‘Never ever’ and it was ‘non-core’ 😉
@JoeHockey: @iBleeter we had the courage to take our policies to the polls.On GST we won and workchoices we lost. Your mates have no courage.
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey *my mates*? I didn’t realise you shared a similarity with Obama. Does Tony know you inhale?
@iBleeter: @JoeHockey FWIW, my mates federally more Liberal than you. State-side? The Libs=0 courage, so in Oppn. Prejudiced talk does Libs no favour.

Given how the Tas Libs campaign transpired, it’s a little ironic to see Mr Hockey talking about Liberal courage. Still, as the Elwick vote is ongoing on as I type this, what I’d like to know is where is Mr Hockey’s S191 authorisation? Given the Electoral Commissioner’s been quite clear (also on a Saturday telephone talkback he did on ABC Local Radio second last week of #tas2010 state poll, where he clearly stated he expected those interstate to adhere to Tasmanian law), I find Mr Hockey’s behaviour… unusual. There’s that old saying about not putting down to malice what can be attributed to stupidity. So my conclusion is that Mr Hockey is in fact either stupid or daring the Commissioner.