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Smoke from what seems a number of small Eucalyptus bushfires rise behind a hill crested with Australia's iconic tree.

Fire in the Meehan Range, north-east of Hobart. 6th March, 2013.

The national broadcaster admits they can’t be trusted, ‘The Mockery’ also tell us how they can’t be trusted, as do both propaganda arms of the ‘”Northern” Rebel “‘Alliance’ (scum)”‘.

The Government have gone on vacation and neither the Department of Premier And Cabinet or the Governor are talking.

With all the courts untrustworthy and no alerts on why Parliament has vanished, at least someone’s noticed a problem with the law.

Just by the side. The idea of an ‘ssl_error_rx_record_too_long Express’ is plain weird and why they’d drive it in to Tasmanian Times anyway glad Tas Police got called to the scene.

Tas Firesigh after how many years, you still the only one for me ‘coz you so… dirty! x

Monarchists note the Crown continues to work and Republicans hope.


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To whom it may concern,
Had the Johnno’s Pasta Sauce a while back. Made it for my parents who’d purchased it. Let me tell you how our family dinner went.

After our first mouthful we noticed it seemed incredibly sweet. A look at the jar explained it. Weighing it 550g with 11% sugar, my simple high school maths has it at over 60 grams of sugar, or about 4 tablespoons. Whilst I admit that maybe between 3 people, 1.33 tablespoons of sugar on one plate might be excessive, I’d argue that even between 4 people a tablespoon of sugar with pasta is a little over the top. But the number of serves in the jar is listed as 2!

No wonder we couldn’t taste anything else in the product. Maybe it’d be cheaper if you remove all other ingredients and just leave in the sugar and just add water.

I think one thing we could agree on is that the Tasmanian health system is in a bit of a state of crisis. If you could see your way to helping lowering the incidents of obesity, diabetes and other related medical conditions, I think we might all be a little better off.

Whilst I do try to support Tasmanian businesses as much as possible, I cannot foresee myself purchasing this product and will closely look – and advise my mates as to look as well – at any other labels of all other “Island Gourmet” products before buying.



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Some time last year fellow TISM enthusiast and writer for my local newspaper The Mercury, Mr Tim Martain, was asking around for people to write a ‘Bucket List‘ for their wholly locally produced Saturday Magazine colour insert.

After a bit of pondering and some too-ing and fro-ing with him about what the Saturday Magazine would and wouldn’t publish, as well as spending a few days wondering what to write as my ‘Mini-bio’, I submitted my list. It languished inside Tim’s INBOX for a while because he needed a portrait picture of me to go with it. He offered the services of the publisher’s photographer for the purpose, but… well… I’m slack.

Cut forward about six months to when I genuinely needed a professional portrait pic for publication elsewhere. So I mentioned to Tim that I really should get around to getting my pic taken. He told me that the Bucket List in the Saturday Magazine had, to paraphrase him, kicked the bucket.

Here, then, for no particular reason (except that I think it’s rather good even if I do say so myself), is my bucket list.

Peter Lawler: Failed mini-biography author.

  1. Finish reading Ulysses 
  2. Resist the urge to re-read Don Quixote 
  3. Listen to the complete works of Bill Laswell 
  4. Attend a screening of “Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki)” 
  5. Watch c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate 
  6. See an umlaut published in The Saturday Magazine 
  7. Get the hang of Thursdays 
  8. Resurrect Tokin’ Blackman 
  9. Apologise to everybody I should apologise to 
  10. Write a reasonably achievable bucket list 

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