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On page 11 of the printed copy of today’s Mercury*,  Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner Bruce Taylor talks about S191. In amongst statements from DigitalTasmania, the following paragraph appears:

Story from page 11, Hobart Mercury Newspaper. 2010-02-20

Electoral Commissioner starts to backpeddle?

‘Electoral Commissioner Bruce Taylor acknowledged the law was flawed with regards to chat sites and Twitter posts “We are not going out there as the internet police trying to track down every site. We’re not going to say ‘ignore the law’ but I wouldn’t expect to be interfering in normal chit chat on blog sites. But if people set a website up for … discussing an election, they should endeavour to authorise it, which is not terribly difficult.”‘

It would seem the Commissioner is conceding that, contrary to his published advice on Wednesday, not all persons with websites containing Electoral Matter need to authorise content. But who does and doesn’t remains a bit of a sliding scale. Once again, I am not a lawyer but I’d guess the Commissioner refers to occasional and/or incidental commentary. How a member of the public are meant to judge what this is, without any clear earlier cases being prosecuted, would be hard to say. Reports in the newspaper seemingly contradicting the Commissioner’s own statements on his website make this all the more difficult for the average person in the street to work out. Therefore, I suggest, I’d agree with the reporter’s opening statement. The Commissioner is tacitly admitting that he’s coming to realise that the law’s flawed. Hopefully, as reading between the lines here leads me to believe, he will only attempt to warn and prosecute clear and flagrant violations of the act. As such, I once again call the law a useless one. It does nothing to give certainty or guidance for the members of public about how the overall Tasmanian community expects them to behave.

There is now every reason for any candidate in the upcoming election to support a review of the act during the sitting of the next parliament so that as to remedy the act’s clear, obvious and fundamental failures.

I have sought comment from DigitalTasmania wand will update this post if it comes to hand.

*I’ll keep an eye out for an online version and link it in if needs be, sometimes they differ from that which appears in print.

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Another year, another content platform. Luckily for me, this content platform’s like the last, a bit more flexible than the one before that or the other one after that… or was that before the after one? Certainly more informative to the average punter than the auto-generated stuff I’ve created in the past in multiple locations due to historical reasons. But will I be bothered to add anything useful here when my previously created platform‘s still used so heavily? Should I also link to places that have long since expired? I’m getting on to 40 years old, been online in one form or another since I was 12. This is getting beyond a joke. Not that long ago, I’d have a bookshelf with a collection of our favourites and a journal I’d scrawl our notes in. Such an idea today is considered wildly anachronistic. If you’re not Tweeting your URLs and RT’ing stuff someone else said, sharing a post or datamining and dark stalking some random group on FB, stealing licks and melodies from MySpace or republishing someone else’s work on YouTube and claiming it as your own by adding subtitles and posting it to Digg or Reddit, you’re past it.

In the words of one of my favourite groups of lyricists, if you’re not famous by fourteen you’re finished. Or in my case with this blog, 40. I’d best warm up the coffee and get cracking…

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