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On ‘In Silence’

This is the full text of a Letter to the Editor regarding a story/letter writing thread they’ve been running for over a week about an installation for the opening of the MONA FOMA festival in Tasmania. The edit job they did was pretty good, for once. I’d get what they printed and throw it up here but I don’t have it at hand. Find yer own in a gutter somewhere near you today! Based upon an earlier tweet of mine.*

I don’t see what the fuss is about this piano. Seems terribly amateur to me. If Mr Walsh’s curators weren’t going at this burned-stuff-as-art half-baked, they would’ve got The KLF’s Jim Cauty to recreate his seminal 94/95 masterpiece ‘The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid’ using Walsh’s own notes. But then, maybe Mr Walsh would’ve ended up feeling just as guilty as the original artists about effectively taking cash away from their own kids and the needy for the sake of ‘art’.

* “#936mofo #mofo Wish chattering classes would shut up about that bloody piano. (writing letter @themercurycomau about burning a million quid)


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