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I must apologise, I dropped in today and chatted with a nice young man about lots of digital stuff. I then promptly forgot his name.

However, one of the major questions I had was whether he could explain the reason why Geilston Bay is not in the current build phase. From the attached map, the substation which is providing linkage into Lindisfarne is clearly under construction. This substation is on Sugarloaf Road between Risdon Vale and Geilston Bay. Confusingly, I believe this substation is named ‘Lindisfarne’ by Hydro/Aurora/Transend.

What no one has been able to explain to me yet is why Geilston Bay is being skipped in the build. As I explained to the gentleman in the office, best I can tell there’s fibre about the place – to the extent that I watched fibre being sunk into a duct outside my front door some three or more years ago. I’m curious as to whether this is a¬†mislabeling¬†of the rollout map, possible because of the aforementioned ‘confusion’ created by the name of the substation being ‘Lindisfarne’ not actually being in Lindisfarne as it would appear to me that this map covers what Clarence City Council would consider Lindisfarne and quite possibly not what Hydro/Aurora/Transend consider Geilston Bay. Or is there some other reason?

I would appreciate any information you may provide. In the interest of public disclosure, I have posted this email on my blog and will post up any replies you may offer.


Peter Lawler.



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