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Scott Bacon statement on Twitter

Scott Bacon, Labor Candidate, statement on Twitter

Here’s a statement from twitter by Mr Scott Bacon, a Labor candidate for Denison, where he stays ‘Tell Liberal voters that if they log onto your website and vote Liberal they don’t need to vote on March 20.

My reading of S168 of the Tasmanian Electoral Act would have it that any inducement to get people to not vote is … uncool to say the least. He may have meant it as a joke, but to me there’s two things that stand between civilised society and anarchy. One is an orderly court system, the other is an orderly election. It’s no joking matter.

Thoughts, comments?

Mr Bacon's reply to S168 query

Mr Bacon's reply to my S168 query of him

UPDATE: Mr Bacon replies via twitter, as he seems incapable of making it here. Interesting, he makes the same statements that the commenters here have already made, to which my response is clear (and also simply inferred by reading the article itself)

FINAL UPDATE: And like a ship passing in the night, the original comment vanishes. But it’s good to know that Twitter search can still find it. Just click ‘Show conversation’


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